I work In artistic glass. I create unique glass sculptures, reliefs, stained glass, tiles, bowls, figures, angels, gifts and portraits. I design and create glass in architecture which are Stained Glass in Gothic Church St.Mathias Church in Wroclaw. I use many glass techniques: kiln cast glass, pate de verre, fusing, stained glass, frozen glass, gilts. My glass is unique and hand-made and finished by grinding and polishing. Works at: National Museum in Wroclaw: ”Unicorn and the Girl” National Museum in Poznan: ”A Woman with a Bowl”, City Museum in Jelenia Gora: “The Girl with the Heart”, “Sleeping with the Spine”, “Miss Hopeful”, Polish Contemporary Museum of Glass in Sosnowiec ”A Girl with a Rose” Fine Arts Academy Museum “Human, Bicycle and the Sunglasses” Competitions: “The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa” (Japan) “The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa-Notojima” (Japan) “Glasrijk” Tubbergen The Netherlands “Glass 2003” Wroclaw Arsenał ZPAP (Poland) “New Glass Review 20”, The Corning Museum of Glass N.Y. (USA)
Photo: Miroslaw Koch, Arkadiusz Podstawka, Marek Nykiel, Tomasz Laczynski, Tomasz Urbanowicz, Beata Stankiewicz-Szczerbik

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